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Grammy Awards 2021 - a modest musical feast during a pandemic

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On March 14, the 63rd Grammy Awards were given out in Los Angeles.

A few days ago I had the pleasure of watching the Grammy Awards. A video to be exact, a replay.

 This year's ceremony was different from the previous ones - while the statuettes themselves did not change, the setting accompanying their presentation was relatively modest, not to say poor. The main character of the evening was Beyonce, who took home 4 awards and has 28 in total. 

The Grammy Awards are the most important awards of the music industry, the equivalents of the film Oscars. A few years ago, the award ceremony was full of fireworks, worth watching in a home theater equipped with the highest quality equipment. This year, a mid-range TV set was enough, as the ceremony at the Los Angeles Convention Center reflected the poor condition of the entire industry, devastated by the coronavirus pandemic.

"As an artist, I believe that my role is to reflect the spirit of the times. And they are very hard, so I would like to lift my spirits, give courage and celebrate all the beautiful black queens and kings who still inspire me and the whole world" - Beyonce said, receiving one out of the four awards that evening. She said it to an almost empty room, because due to pandemic restrictions, the ceremony took place without the participation of the public.

After the Sunday ceremony, the former Destiny's Child singer already has 28 Grammy Awards in her collection - thus breaking the record for the number of statuettes won by a woman, so far belonging to the bluegrass star Alison Krauss. Beyonce is now on par with the legendary Quincy Jones, only the Hungarian conductor Georg Solti, who has died for over two decades, has more awards (31).

This year's gala was also distinguished by a spectacular record beaten by Beyonce. Queen B won the award for Best Rap Song this year ("Savage" with Meghan Thee Stallion). This is the 28th statuette in the career of Mrs. Knowles. Thus, Beyonce broke an unprecedented record - no one in the entire history of Grammy's has won so many.

Women rule American music

This evening belonged to the ladies at all. The young Billie Eilish, who made a sensation a year ago, added two more awards to her property - for Record of the Year and Best Song for a Movie. Two turntables also went to Fiona Apple (best rock performance and best alternative album) and Meghan Thee Stallion (debut of the year and best rap performance, together with Beyonce).

Men have triumphed in just a few notable categories such as "Best Pop Performance", "Best R&B Album" and "Best Rock Album" - Harry Styles, John Legend and The Strokes respectively. The first of the mentioned artists also sang during the ceremony, as did e.g. Billie Eilish, Dua Lipa, Bruno Mars and Taylor Swift. However, these were not as spectacular performances as we remember from previous years, there were also no spicy moments that could be remembered for years.

This year I was most impressed by Dua Lipa



Dua Lipa was thrilled right after arriving at the Grammy Awards 2021 in Los Angeles. On the red carpet, she appeared in a spectacular lilac Versace dress, which was made especially for her. The look similar to the outfits Cher had loved to wear at one time was immediately noticed.


The star on the stage also opted for the Versace design - a pink shimmering gown under which she wore a bra and retro panties. We could see and hear it in songs such as Levitating or Don't Start Now, which was supplemented with a dance routine, from which it is difficult to take your eyes off! Dua Lipa's performance was definitely a reference to her virtual concerts from November 2020 under the slogan Studio 2054.


The 2021 Grammy Awards will go down in history not only due to the extremely intimate gala, i.e. the effect of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. She points out that women have won almost all of the most important prizes this year!

Dua Lipa, Taylor Swift, Meghan Thee Stallion, Billie Eilish, Beyonce, HAIM, Lady Gaga and Ariana Grande are at the top of this year's award-winning list, and this is just the beginning, which clearly proves that women have dominated the world of mainstream music in recent months .

The gala was extremely modest - instead of the powerful show for which the Grammy Awards are known, we were dealing with an intimate gala with a small number of tables. This does not mean, however, that he did not do without memorable performances. These include, for example, the opening performance of Harry Styles ("Watermelon Sugar") and the show that was presented by Dua Lipa ("Levitating").




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