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Classic Fashionable and Cool Gothic make-up

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How often do you use makeup? Well, you will be amazed to know that there are new types of makeup that you haven’t tried before. The major types of makeup that you probably know are Korean, European, American, and Japanese. You probably are aware that Japanese makeup is fresh while Korean, American, and European are three-dimensional. But guess what? That’s not it when it comes to makeup. There is Gothic makeup that is revolutionizing things. Have you heard of Gothic make-up? Well, this forms the basis of discussion where we will learn everything that you need to know about Gothic makeup.

Features of Gothic Makeup

Gothic make-up is just an extended opportunity to express your personality by using pale skin, dark colors, and other looks considered bold. To understand this makeup well, we will look at some of the defining features from the perspective of Gothic women.


Three-dimensional outline

Just like the European, American, and Korean makeup, Gothic makeup is three-dimensional. When using 3-D Gothic makeup, you change the physical structure of your face. It is a bold makeup because it allows you to be different.

Delicate makeup

Gothic makeup is also delicate. You must apply it to your skin with care to enjoy its full benefits. For example, the eye frames must be put in the perfect position for them to appear Gothic. If you do not do it right, you will end up with normal makeup, which is not as bold as Gothic.



Another aspect that defines Gothic makeup is color matching. You must consider the Gothic symbols and the colors that rhyme with these symbols. For example, Gothic architectures, vampires, or old castles are all themes that Gothic women use to pick their color options.

Of course, dark colors are considered ideal for Gothic-themed makeup. However, you can complement the dark colors with other standardized colors and shapes on your face. Adding decorative color patterns on your face enhances the charming, mysterious, creepy, or seductive nature that you are looking for in Gothic makeup.

Therefore, you will easily recognize Gothic make-up with a 3-D outline, delicate nature, and color-matching features.

Effect of Color-Makeup Products on Gothic Makeup

If you closely look at a Gothic image, you will notice that the products used have an effect on Gothic makeup. We will look at the dark side of beauty and see how it influences makeup. 


Gothic skin

To achieve Gothic skin, you will need makeup products that focus on paler complexions. This is unlike other conventional makeups that focus on tanning the skin to make it bronze. For goth skin, you will need a foundation that gives your skin an even tone.

It is easier to work with whiter skin because it is easy to manipulate and achieve great Gothic effects. You can also try powdered and matte looks or opt for mineral foundations.

Gothic Lips

The choice of lipstick is entirely dependent on what you want to wear. A majority of Gothic women usually prefer dark colors that draw attention to their lips. Such colors include black and maroon. They might look odd in the eyes of an ordinary woman, but a true Gothic woman is bold and chooses these bold colors.

The other alternative is to wear a natural shade of lipstick that is in sync with your Gothic theme.

Gothic Eyes

The eyes are perhaps the most important part that defines your Gothic style. The rule here is so simple, the darker the eyes, the more Gothic you are. 

Most Gothic women wear dark-colored eye shadow that creates focus on their eyes. Again, Gothic enthusiasts do not fear attempting makeup products that have crazy color patterns such as hot pink, or bright green. For these options, you must finish them with a lot of mascara to make them Gothic.

To What Degree Can You Be Creative with Gothic Makeup?

Creativity is one of the aspects that define Gothic makeup. For you to create a perfect Gothic image, you need to be bold in your choice of the type of makeup and color. Remember, Gothic makeup is all about your inner expression and not necessarily minding what is trending at the moment.

True goths don’t follow other people’s ideas but rather create their unique styles that give them what they want.

How Popular is Gothic Makeup

Gothic makeup is very popular in the world today. You will find Gothic themes and makeup

used in the following places:


·         Celebrity shooting: a majority of celebrities nowadays use Gothic makeup during their photo shooting sessions.

·         Celebrity interviews: you will find many celebrities opting for Gothic makeup during interviews to capture the attention of their audience. It is also a signifier of the fact that they are not afraid to explore new horizons.

·         Weddings: have you ever considered a Gothic-themed wedding? Well, it sounds odd yet it is one of the most amazing things that you can do. You just need to pick an appropriate Gothic make-up that matches your Gothic wedding dress.


The fun thing about Gothic makeup is that you can manipulate it as much as you want as there are no defined rules. The goth culture allows room for self-expression. If you are starting, you can consider this simple guide:

-          Have a flawless foundation base

-          Choose your desired eyeshadow palette that has your selected dark shades

-          Use your eyeliner to draw the shade

-          For your lashes, find a black mascara that will enhance their volume

-          Choose your preferred lipstick and apply it. 


It is as simple as that. If you have dark skin, you have no reason to change the skin color to achieve the desired Gothic effects. Simply follow the above steps, but being careful to pick the colors that rhyme with your skin tone. Do not be afraid to be bold, for Gothic women are always bold.

With this information, you can now comfortably shop for your Gothic makeup and start using them today!

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